Sysma Holding Ltd.
Sysma Holding Ltd.(SGX:5UO) is a consturction builder in Singapore. We like Sysma Holding because the company's Revenue is booming. Total Revene increased from 35 Million SGD to 126 Million in 2016. Sysma Holding is able to generate growth in Sales even under the current depressed house market condition in Singapore. (2016 Annual Report Page.7)
This stock is set to rocket up when the house market condition improves in Singapore.

We are already seeing signs of recovery in the house market. Sysma holding recored a Net Earning After Tax of 4.5 Million SGD in the most recent half year report ended on 31/01/2017. This translate to an annual earning of 9 Million SGD and the company is for sale at the current Market Cap of 30 Million SGD. This works out to be a P/E of 3.33 or an internal rate of return of 30%. The current SGX P/E stands at 24 (Y

Sysma Holding Ltd. also has a very strong balance sheet. It has total Asset of 131 SGD Million with 33 Million SGD of Cash and a total Debt of 35 Million SGD. This gives the company a Net Bank Loan of only 3 Million SGD. Sysma Holding Ltd. is currently trading at 0.58 times of its Tangible Book Value. (2017 Half Year Report)

Sysma Holding Ltd. has high growth, high earnings, and is backed by high quality assets. The stock is estimated to go up 200% to above 0.30 SGD and it is now on Sale for 0.12 SGD. GET IN BEFORE THE BELL RINGS
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