QC Holdings Inc (US: QCCO)

Asset Value

The company has cash on hand of 26 Million USD and total current asset of 57 Million USD. Total liability is only 22 Million USD. There are still 15 Million USD of Long Term Asset. On a Per Share basis, this company can be liquidated for $2 per share!

This is definetly a case of a Low P/E Stock trading below working captial. I just bought mine today at $0.45 per share and this stock can easily go up by 400%. Get in before its too late!

Young Buffett 2017-08-14
Ticker: QCCO
Entry: $0.45

A Quick Update on my previous stock pick
Ticker: 5U0
Entry: $0.11
Price Today: $0.14 (1 month)
The housing market in Singapore is showing signs of recovery and I am aiming to make a lot more than 30% in Sysma Holding.

A Case of a Turn Around

QC Holdings Inc. is a provider of consumer loans in United State and Canada. In the United State, it is operated under the names: Quik Cash, LendNation, Check$mart, Sterling Point, Lumena Lending etc. Its core operating business is to provide payday loans through its 276 branches in the United State. In Canada, the company operate under the name Direct Credit Holding Inc., is engaged in short-term, consumer internet loans.

QC Holding did a "store swap" transcation whereby the company acquired 33 better location branches and sold 98 income losing branches. Overhead cost are a lot lower now and all termination payments has been fully paid.

In 2017 Q1, the company has finally restore profitability and generated a Free Cash Flow of $9 Million USD in the 3 months ended on 2017 March 31. In fact, Quarterly Free Cash Flow is now at a record high and this company's stock is trading at all time low.

There are 17.333 Million Shares Outstanding As of March 2017 and the current market price of the company's stock is only $0.45/share. This provide us with a total market price (Market Cap) of only 7.8 Million USD!

This is a screaming buy! you can now buy the company for only 7.8 Million USD and the company is generating cash of 9 Million in just 3 months!

The most recent filing of the company can be obtain from this link:

I requested mine from the CFO of the company, Doug Nickerson from the company's website.

QC Holding is a hidden gem because its financial report are no longer available online but here are the copies I obtained from the CFO of this company.

QCCO 2016 Audited Financial Statements - Issued-2.pdf
1Q 2017 Earnings Release - final.pdf

QCCO is Pulling in 9 Million USD of CASH in just 3 months and can be Liquidated for at least 30 Million USD. The Comapy's Stock is now ON SALE FOR only 7.8 Million USD (Per Share Value of $0.45).


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